Full of in-game dungeon! Land of Orc guarantee you an exciting adventure!


《 Clash of Hero 》 exploit different Heroes to release awesome abilities that may STUN, SLOW, FREEZE and more effects to defeat your enemies ahead. Also, the gameplay full with movie special effect,stunning combat effect to give you the gaming excitement! Battle strategies changing through [HERO], [ELEMENT], [PASSIVE/ACTIVE SKILLS], [RUNE SKILLS], [FORMATION],[EQUIDMENT SET BONUSES] and more! Over thousand of battle strategies to challenge your limitation! Do you accept the challenge?
Unique slaverysystem! Face the attack! Is your only option!

You are allow tocatch players from different guild as your slave after defeated inthe arena, and you canplunder slave owned by other players inthe same time! Torture your slaves every 10 minutes to obtain randomrewards!
Titan’s Dungeonstrike the king of the world! Whos gonna be the HERO! You will knowit today!

Titan’s Dungeon isa BOSS event, start on 12:30 to 13:00 daily. The BOSS healthcondition shared to all servers, all server players are allow toengage the BOSS upon the dungeon is activate. After the event end,all players will be receiving a portion of silver coins based on thedamage dealt to the BOSS.
In additional,player will also receive honor points based on solo damage dealt.
Heroes banquet! All about power and upgrade!

There are three typeof heroes banquet; Bravery’s Hall , Leader’s Hall and King’s Hall. You are required to own yourself a seat ofbanquet by defeating the enemies. System will have count down for 3hours after you occupied the seat. You will receive honor points forevery 10 minutes As long as you are remain undefeated from the seatand obtain the Hero’s Souls after the count down is over! You canupgrade your faction rank, maximum of your stamina, daily wages andmore through the honor points your received from the Heroes banquet!
FullStars godly HERO! Strongest PET! All in the《Clash of Hero》

《 Clash of Hero 》had a lots of heroes with various ways to collect them, You canrecruit FREE summon or merging hero’s soul pieces to form heroes!And get the strongest pet through hatching the dragon egg daily!Create a team formation along with the right dragon pet, exploit therune skills wisely for huge damage output and turn the tide of thebattle!
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